Disaster Recovery

If a natural disaster downed power and telephone lines running into your building, would your business shut down?

Without maintenance, continuous updating and regular testing, business continuity plans can become outdated very quickly, and may not serve the designed intention during a disaster situation.

Dedicated resources assigned to ongoing maintenance of even the most detailed plans can help ensure business and revenue continuity in the event of a natural disaster. Disaster recovery planning can include “zero downtime” targets and step-by-step recovery plans for all systems, including phone systems, toll-free services, data networks, e-commerce platforms, client databases and more. With an analysis of the business impact of downtime or damage in each system, and a continuity plan to minimize (if not eliminate) downtime, you can reduce the level of vulnerability of these business-critical systems.

Alternate Solutions can assess your vulnerabilities and define the requirements to minimize the impact of business disaster.

We can recommend preventative measures to minimize the impact, or even the possibility of downtime with your business-critical systems. Our consultants will develop a business impact analysis that will identify the critical operations, processes and systems that require continuity planning and then help create a detailed business continuity plan.

Alternate Solutions has the industry experience and access to the latest disaster recovery practices to help you properly prepare for the unforeseen business disaster. Our advice will identify the critical elements specific to your organization, regardless of the size of your organization or the industry in which you operate. Talk to us today about impact analysis and continuity planning specific to your business.

See video below about disaster recovery:

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